La Loca Histeria


Oblivious to our knowledge of the cosmos as we know it, other dimensions share the space-time of our universe, in the same way in which good and evil coexist in our minds, conditioning our decisions and actions on our small planet, vulnerable, and at the mercy of the immense sky.FOTO HISTORIA LLH

Far from here,-, at approximately a gazillion thousand centuries light, second light up or down, seven planets form the solar system of Âmentis.

This, which orbits to their fate between nebulae and star belts, set out to be aligned in the constellation Micropenis, thus fulfilling the predictions of the Oracle. The seven planets were aligned, and only the chosen could be teleported to our dimension. They are here among us…!

Deborah come from Planet Bipolaris. These is beatiful girl is known for her great skill in change of personality at will, among other faculties that she has “hidden”.

Comes from “Desfasion”, where the party is a religion, Dr. Lax.

Comes from planet “Bendicionum”, there where religion is a party, his Excellency and illustrious Holiness, Cardinal Giuliano.

The gods also wanted to that planet “Tajascientum” had a choice, and this was Urinatum, who got two seconds be aware of its own existence between bacchanal and bacchanal.

Johhnie Flowers comes from a planet called “Guitarflorius”. He is attracted by the seductive and sumptuous curves of the best traveling companions; the only capable ones of providing to him the whole love and the whole pleasure that he was demanding, his guitars.

Wild Rose, a love-warrior princess comes from a planet called “Venusgemion”. This heroine has two faces: A violent and struggling to fight evil and injustice and violent, and the other, full of love and tenderness to give.

On the planet “Acelerius”, a pretty doll was equipped with hyperactivity; and thus became Crazy Doll.

And finally, to close the circle, to seal the envelope, to make points about the ies, so all this is what it is, Tato De Tongue. The expression maximum concentration of five senses was awarded to this being of the “Planet Histeria”, the magical green planet where dreams don’t become reality, since the reality there is a dream where everything is possible, and when I say everything, I mean a full catharsis, absolute, complete, whole, wide area, volume and dimensions in time without limitation… This being, trapped in the 1970s and 1980s, need large doses of funky-disco music to survive in the same way that we need that gas called oxygen that generously allows us to exist.

Why they are here? What!, do not you believe necessary their presence? LOL… Naive! Because it is very simple, in the other dimension always happens the opposite of ours, so tired of being immensely happy, the inhabitants of Amentis, sent to the most qualified to the Earth with a mission: the world has to know that another world is possible, and only in an absolute State of disinhibition can understand the message. So these eight characters, in an effort to disseminate the extreme happiness within us, they gathered all the good feelings for the human race and they concentrated them on a work, LA LOCA HISTERIA.

Touring all over the world, these cosmic beings will reveal us the secrets of life in harmony with the universe. Will we be able to understand the absurdity? To understand the inexplicable?

Who knows when will touch you witness your presence! There are those who have already aroused. Meanwhile, the remaining walk confusing between networks affecting us, the satisfaction of finding again the illusion.